Stuff I’ve tried to remove the “low on disk space” with HTC Incredible

•January 31, 2012 • 1 Comment


Grr!!! Lots of issues on the web trying to fix this error with their HTC Incredible:

Low on space

Phone storage space is getting low.

This is Dawn’s phone that we’ll have until her contract is eligible – then she’ll likely switch to another platform.

Stuff I’ve tried to no avail:

  • Defrag both of the disks via Windows Disk Defrag in Windows 7.
  • Update the programming on the phone via #228 (we have Verizon).
  • Downloaded a hotfix from HTC for an issue where the phone wasn’t receiving any text messages. I downloaded and installed from the phone directly.
  • Went back to the web and searched a bunch of forums. Landed on this thread No dice.
  • Lots of complaints of people talking about application cache, etc.

Then I decided to go down the application install route:

  • One recommendation I saw suggested finding apps that took a lot of space generally, and try to move the files to the SD card, or clear the cache of the app.
  • Randomly looking at the apps, I saw that Netflix was on the phone. I moved that to the SD card memory and low memory error went away, but I still wasn’t getting the advertised update to the phone.

I then found a T-Mobile instruction guide on how to perform a cache reset (which was different than what Verizon suggested in terms of steps) and the cache reset worked.

For some reason, I’m still not getting the update. Grr. Who knows if I’ll figure this out.


Switched from Windstream to Time Warner

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I found a very helpful article on how to set up a Time Warner Ubee router for bridged mode to avoid double-nat network issues. Apparently, TimeWarner hides this feature by default, but this article talks about what to set.

In case the page goes away, here’s the detail.

To access bridge mode you must go to one of the following: (This one is usually to change it back into NAT mode)

*Note: default login and password is: user

I won a photo contest

•May 6, 2010 • 4 Comments

It was the first contest I’ve entered. I was really surprised I won! I won with this photo, and submitted my entry to Mac|Life magazine.

Here are some of the details of the contest:

April 2010 Back-Page Contest: Color-Crazy Challenge

As promised in last month’s “Modernism Meets Its Mac” story, this month we’re giving away a Pantone Flight Stool–literally ripped off the wall from the Barneys store in Manhattan! The contest challenge is simple: Show us your most vibrant, vivid, and harmonious use of color. Whether you send us a photo, illustration, or video, your submission must be original. Our editors will vote on the best entries and award the winner a trio of prizes from Pantone.


New Pantone Flight Stools list for $549, but we’ll refrain from pricing our Barneys wall model! Our winner will also receive a Color Cue 2.1 color-capture device ($249) and Color Bridge fan deck ($119).

DD-WRT is great!

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I have a Linksys WRT160N and I recently moved it to the other side of the house upstairs. Since the move, wireless connectivity for my N network has been sub-par.

Searching around, I remembered that I installed DD-WRT on a previous Linksys WRT54G router (v4) and had good results with it. Fortunately, the DD-WRT crew recently created a beta release of the software to get the WRT160N working, so I decided to give it a try. I used the mini installer, followed the 30-30-30 rule with the router (do a Bing search to learn what that is) and everything installed without issues.

Now – wireless N performance is way, way better. I’m able to stream HD video from Netflix with my N wireless adapter for my XBOX 360, watch movies using Connect360 for my Mac, and everything is working in harmony again. Sweet!

Get DD-WRT if it’s supported for your router – it’s way worth it.


Get video ready for YouTube, Smugmug and other video sharing sites

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I’m a huge Smugmug fan. BTW – if you want a discount on your first year of Smugmug, use this discount code in the coupon field to receive $5 off your first year: R54St0RWCAHiE

A brief note: Although I reference Final Cut Express or Pro in this tip, using Handbrake should work as your de-interlacing tool regardless whether the source file is coming from the Mac or Windows.

Anyway, I enjoy using Final Cut Express to edit movies of my kids to post on Smugmug, but every time I would export the movie as an MP4 H.264 file, the movie would be interlaced. Great for TVs, bad for computers. I needed a way to de-interlace my video footage so I could post it on YouTube, Smugmug and other video sharing sites.

There are lots of ways to do this, but I’ve been really happy with this solution:

  • Save the movie in Final Cut (Express or Pro) as a QuickTime movie (and make the movie self contained).
  • Using Handbrake, select the source MOV file, and feel free to use the “Normal” profile. Personally, I want things a bit less compressed, so I have a profile I named called “h264 Smugmug” that has the settings I need. The settings I tweaked from the Normal profile are:
    • Constant quality set to 70%
    • Picture Settings > Filters > Deinterlace > Slow
  • Save the preset (with a new name) and use it anytime you have interlaced content you want to output to YouTube, Smugmug, etc.

Hope this works for you. Feel free to leave a comment if there is another tool you prefer to use.


Unable to run Report Exporter using WebTrends data?

•December 1, 2009 • 3 Comments

I recently updated to Windows 7, and since then our WebTrends installation at work has also been updated. I couldn’t get the updated components for WebTrends (located here) to install at all. I was trying to install WebTrends Report Exporter and kept getting an error:

The required version of WebTrends Report Exporter is not currently installed.

What a hassle. Fortunately, I found a German support post that told me a workaround. After using Bing’s translator I was able to install the components.

Essentially, you need to install the components manually. Extract the files in the folder docutil_installer which is in the Report Exporter folder, then run install.bat. Here’s the catch. You have to run the batch file as an administrator. Right click on the batch file, then select “Run as administrator” to get everything to install.

According to the German article, the installer was originally created for Windows Vista, so maybe there are some Win7 issues – who knows. Just glad it’s working.


Guess I’m coming back to Spaces

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While I thought it was cool to have my own space on my own platform – hosted solutions just “work.” I don’t have to worry about search engines finding my content, and I can leverage a lot of the multimedia stuff that those solutions provide. Since I work for Microsoft, it makes sense for me to use our platform so I can give feedback to our product groups.

So – now I need to restore the old posts I had on Graffiti back to spaces – I’ll do that eventually. Until then, here I am.